In VLOG 33 we take an inside look at my JUNO nomination (Canadian Grammy’s) for Rap Recording of the Year (I Rap now EP).

From the moment I found out I was nominated (0-8:00), to the preparation (9:00-15:00), to the journey (16:00-30:00) and lastly the JUNO awards itself held in Vancouver (30:00-end). This was an experience of a lifetime.

For anybody who has a dream, this one’s for you!

In VLOG 31 Bangalore Boogie, DJ James Curry and I head to Goa for IMC India. 2 hours into our flight a man passed away on the plane!

From doing the ‘mc hammer’ dance next to a cow while grocery shopping, watching a young girl walk on rope as men hold pinkies on the beach, to being featured in ‘The Times of India’ newspaper, and speaking to over 600,000,000 listeners around the country on Mirchi Radio….

I have the right to be called Bollywood FAMOUS! lol

In VLOG 29 FAMOUS switches in to Ashton mode and heads home for the holidays!


FAMOUS – Blinded By The Lights prod. by Ritchie Soundsmith
Listen/Download MP3:

Some of y’all may know I’ve been touring eastern civilization and was invited to perform and walk the red carpet at this years Golden Melody Awards weekend, held in Taipei, Taiwan.

To draw a comparison, it’s the Grammy’s of Asia.

Checkout some photos (courtesy Danny Chu Photography, ShoLarphotography)


Red Carpet Video: (1:05:04) (1:03:14)



朋友們快來看看 FAMOUS在參加台灣金曲獎時如何面對來自亞洲各地的新聞媒體. Take a look at what happens when you put FAMOUS in front of hundreds of media and news outlets from all across Asia on the biggest night in Taiwan entertainment.


金曲獎影片下週會出來喔. Full ‘Golden Melody Awards’ weekend video comes out next week.
LINE: thekidfamous

Confidence is a powerful tool! Those who lack it often mistake it for arrogance. Don’t believe me, just watch!

Shout out Nickelback Tila Tequila and Kelly Clarkson with her big ol a$$! lol

And of coarse David David F. Mewa for the Hip Hop Video of the Year Nom!

Watch Now:

Here’s the MASAGO 2015 video we’ve all been waiting for, starring ‘The Party King’ FAMOUS! ‘派對國王’ FAMOUS的2015 馬沙溝影片出來啦!

Sexy Girls+Bikinis+Hoola Hoops+Dancers+RedCups+Water Guns+The Macarena+Whistles & Water Bottles
= The FAMOUS Experience.



EVER HEARD OF EPIC MEAL TIME??? 你有聽說過 Epic Meal Time 大餐時間 嗎?

Take an EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes look at how some friends of mine from Montreal, Quebec took a simple idea, which consisted of BACON BACON and more BACON and turned it into a Multi Million Dollar Empire! 快來看看這段影片,朋友們將很多高熱量食物像是培根配在一起,沒想到我們這樣的一個想­法竟成了賺進百萬的節目。

這些成果都是從一個小小的想法開始! It all starts with an idea! Happy 5 Year Anniversary!

影片主角 Video features: Seth Rogen James Franco, Harley Morenstein, Jay Leno Jay Leno’s Garage, EpicMook EpicMealTime aka Josh Elkin, LemmeKno EpicMealTime, Tyler Lemco, Simon Cowell MusclesGlasses CousinDave EpicMealTime and of coarse FAMOUS!)


In celebration of my Fan Page ( reaching 100,000 LIKES, I’d like give you a look at how I’ve built my brand 1 person at a time. 為了慶祝我的粉絲專頁100,000個讚我想跟你們分享這段從無到有的過程。

No matter what country I’m in, I try my best to go out and embrace the beautiful things, the beautiful culture and the beautiful people. 不管我在哪個國家,我都用最認真的態度去接受新的人事物。

Feel free to ‘Like’ ‘Comment’ & ‘Share’. 歡迎大家幫我按讚,留言還有分享這個影片給所有的台灣朋友們。

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當派對國王FAMOUS跟台灣最紅的DJ Noodles一起在超過五千人的Road to Ultra舞台派對

This is what happens when THE PARTY KING FAMOUS teams up with Taiwan’s hottest DJ Noodles 麵麵 at the biggest rave party Road to Ultra 2015 Taiwan of the year!

LINE: thekidfamous