朋友們快來看看 FAMOUS在參加台灣金曲獎時如何面對來自亞洲各地的新聞媒體. Take a look at what happens when you put FAMOUS in front of hundreds of media and news outlets from all across Asia on the biggest night in Taiwan entertainment.


金曲獎影片下週會出來喔. Full ‘Golden Melody Awards’ weekend video comes out next week.
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And so the saga continues…

Some of y’all may know I’ve been touring easter civilization and was invited to perform and walk the red carpet at this years Golden Melody Awards weekend, held in Taipei, Taiwan.

To draw a comparison, it’s the Grammy’s of Asia.

Checkout some photos (courtesy Danny Chu Photography, ShoLarphotography)


Red Carpet Video: (1:05:04) (1:03:14)



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YI, ER, SAN (that’s 1,2,3) lol

DJ Jazzy Jeff, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Akon, Nelly and now FAMOUS are just a few acts to grace the stage at Taipei’s #1 Nightclub LUXY!

This all made possible by the great people at BOOM Events (Jon, John, Fabio).

The name of the party is ‘RICH & FAMOUS’ and features Taiwan’s Red Bull DMC Champ DJ Noodles.

We made it rain, popped a few bottles for the crowd & with SMASH NATION in attendance, we SHUT SH!T DOWN!!!

Check it out…


In VLOG #14 I got the opportunity to perform infront 400 of Asia’s elite tastemakers at Taipei’s prestigious ATT Showbox.

The event was organized by Paul Liao (GCA Entertainment) in order to showcase Taiwan’s talent to booking agents across Asia and featured some of Taiwan’s biggest acts like MATZKA & GO CHIC. To give you a comparison, that’s like performing on the same stage as Nickelback and The Pussycat Dolls.

You know it’s real when the least known act on the bill is able to get people out there seats & clapping (watch the ending for their reaction).

This performance right here got me an invitation to the Taiwanese Grammy Awards (Golden Melody). Thanks to D.O, Paul & June Zhan.

Here’s a clip…


Doing media is part of the gig and luckly it’s still something I enjoy doing.

In VLOG #13, I head to Taiwan’s #1 English speaking station and I sit down with ‘Terry In The Morning’ to discuss Canadian Hip Hop vs. The World and Kaohsiung vs. Taipei.

Check it out…

After a stellar performance at ATT Showbox alongside MATZKA & Go Chic in Taiwan, I was invited as part of my CENTER STAGE tour to the biggest night in Asian music at this years 25th Annual Golden Melody Awards.

Here’s a short video featuring many popular Taiwanese artists I met, including, Dwagie大支, 黃乙玲 Huang Yee-ling, SIVA YUAN, IRIS LIU (Taiwan Television Enterprise Vice President), 陳建偉 Chen Jianwei, 麋先生 Mixer, 蔡依林 Jolin Tsai and more…

CENTER STAGE: The Album (Available on iTunes)

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In week 16 of  The Adventures with FAMOUS, me and the crew head to Taipei for one wildass weekend.

First show was inside Taiwan’s hottest nightclub LUXY, for the RICH & FAMOUS party featuring myself, Money&Money Clothing & BOOM Events (Jon Jenkins & Fabio Grangeon). I can honestly say I’ve never seen so many gorgeous women in one place. Checkout the pictures and let your imagination tell the story.

Next, we check in to a 5 star hotel in the heart of Taipei (good look Cair & Paul) and just when I thought I would get some rest, we head back out to shoot a promo video for the Money&Money team (watch video). Two hours later its complimentary breakfast time. And what better way to end off a week full of shows then to perform on the same stage as 2 of Taiwan’s biggest acts, Go Chic & MATZKA!

The madness continues…


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IMG_4745 Here’s some photos from my party ‘RICH & FAMOUS‘ which took place inside Taiwan’s #1 club venue LUXY, featuring Money&Money Clothing and brought to you by the good fellas of BOOM Events! Great show. Great party. Great people! IMG_4743 IMG_3866 Click the jump for more pics…. Read More

Here’s an exclusive FAMOUS verse for Taiwan’s leading independent clothing company MONEY&MONEY.

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Directed by: Ashton ‘FAMOUS’ Bishop
Shot by: Jason ‘ProRes’ Hare
Edited by: iLLvibe Studios

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ICRT Interview

For those who didn’t catch my interview on ICRT radio (Taiwan’s ONLY English speaking radio station), checkout the link below!

The Morning Show with Terry Icrt with special guest FAMOUS

We talk Kaohsiung vs. Taipei, Taiwanese Culture, Canadian Hip Hop, Taxi Drivers, Foreigners, BOOM Events go chic MATZKA樂團, Christine Ko MISS KO & 熱狗 MC HotDog Luxy [brickyard] Min Ling and much much more!