In VLOG 36, FAMOUS finds out what do foreigners like most about Taiwan? 你們覺得外國人最喜歡台灣什麼呢?

‘派對國王’ FAMOUS 或是可以叫他黑黑的. 快點看他問了台灣的朋友哪些有趣問題. ‘The Party King’ FAMOUS walks the streets of Kenting for Spring Break to find out what ‘Buy’ ‘That’ and 黑黑的 really mean!!!
LINE: thekidfamous


2016 Spring Break On the BEACH Bikini Contest 派對國王 FAMOUS跟紅磚 Brickyard 紅磚地窖一起主持的2016墾丁夏都春宴比基尼大賽

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LINE: thekidfamous


Checkout the photos from our 3 day event:


Snapchat Day 1 (review):

Snapchat Day 2 (review):

SBOTB - The Party King FAMOUS

I cordially invite you to the Most Memorable Party of the Year with World Class Sound and Lighting, International Entertainment and complimentary drinks from our sponsors.

Come join us at the Nicest 5 Star Resort, on the Biggest Weekend of the Year, at the Most Popular Beach town, on the Best Island in the World. It’s SPRING BREAK on the BEACH!

In 2016, we’ll be adding a roster of well known international acts to the very best locally based artists.

4/2(六) DJ MAG TOP 100 全球百大 Danny Avila (Spain)
4/3(日) DJ MAG TOP 100 全球百大 TUJAMO (Germany)
4/4(一) Red Bull Thre3style 冠軍 Shintaro (Japan)

Hosted by ICRT DJ/Rapper/The Party King FAMOUS (Canada)

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FAMOUS records and hopes it doesn’t end up on World Star! Lol

I’m the Rapper, the MC,the man on the 1’s & 2’s and now your Personal Trainer for Spring Break 2015. It’s called diversifying your money & cutting out the middle man!

10,000+ people over 2 days. Bikinis, B00bs and B@bes. Internationally Known – World Famous.

Looks fun eh?!?