Here’s the MASAGO 2015 video we’ve all been waiting for, starring ‘The Party King’ FAMOUS! ‘派對國王’ FAMOUS的2015 馬沙溝影片出來啦!

Sexy Girls+Bikinis+Hoola Hoops+Dancers+RedCups+Water Guns+The Macarena+Whistles & Water Bottles
= The FAMOUS Experience.



I’m grateful to have traveled around the world and connect ONLY with the dopest mufuckas! This is God’s gift to me. ONLY…

Posted by FAMOUS on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

In this weeks Instagram Weekly Wrap-up, I get prepared to learn the art of Muay Thai, I take over the Karaoke mic, hit the streets of Taipei for a dope ass Pool Party complete with some sexy ass women in Bikinis, I connect with the cool people out in Taipei and ride out in the VIP bus made for kings! The tour continues…….

Shout out to Mr. Marcus Aurelius for a dope ass party along with everybody else for the great hospitality out in Taipei. Much appreciated. I definitely connected with some great people who I hope to do business with in the near future.

Checkout some photos:

Till next time Taipei!


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