YI, ER, SAN (that’s 1,2,3) lol

DJ Jazzy Jeff, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Akon, Nelly and now FAMOUS are just a few acts to grace the stage at Taipei’s #1 Nightclub LUXY!

This all made possible by the great people at BOOM Events (Jon, John, Fabio).

The name of the party is ‘RICH & FAMOUS’ and features Taiwan’s Red Bull DMC Champ DJ Noodles.

We made it rain, popped a few bottles for the crowd & with SMASH NATION in attendance, we SHUT SH!T DOWN!!!

Check it out…


In VLOG #14 I got the opportunity to perform infront 400 of Asia’s elite tastemakers at Taipei’s prestigious ATT Showbox.

The event was organized by Paul Liao (GCA Entertainment) in order to showcase Taiwan’s talent to booking agents across Asia and featured some of Taiwan’s biggest acts like MATZKA & GO CHIC. To give you a comparison, that’s like performing on the same stage as Nickelback and The Pussycat Dolls.

You know it’s real when the least known act on the bill is able to get people out there seats & clapping (watch the ending for their reaction).

This performance right here got me an invitation to the Taiwanese Grammy Awards (Golden Melody). Thanks to D.O, Paul & June Zhan.

Here’s a clip…


Doing media is part of the gig and luckly it’s still something I enjoy doing.

In VLOG #13, I head to Taiwan’s #1 English speaking station and I sit down with ‘Terry In The Morning’ to discuss Canadian Hip Hop vs. The World and Kaohsiung vs. Taipei.

Check it out…


I always visioned myself travelling the world entertaining people.

VLOG #12 we go to Milano, Italy & Porto, Portugal.


So this is how the story goes.

I’m on stage rocking with the legendary Hip Hop group ONYX in Rome Italy and Sticky Fingaz raps his verse off SLAM. As I ripped my shirt off full of sweat and rhymed his ENTIRE verse side by side with him, word for word, it was at that moment that I remembered why I fell in love with Hip Hop.

I haven’t heard nor rapped that verse in 15 years, yet I remembered each word.

“I’m a B Boy standing in my B Boy stance, hurry up and gimme the microphone before I bust in my pants….”

Next stop Porto, Portugal


I met the homie Saadiq in 2013 at his barbershop in London, Essex. Once I knew the CENTER STAGE tour was making a few stops in the U.K, I hit him up to connect!

Not only did he set me up with a few more shows, he brought the goons out to celebrate after each one.

It seems those CDs I handed out at his barbershop that day left an impact on everybody!

Check out my new viral video ‘Mr. Simplistic’. The song features YouTube sensation Madilyn Bailey (1.5+ million subscribers & RonDiasTV. The song originally written as a reference for B.O.B & Taylor Swift, is the 2nd single off my debut album CENTER STAGE.

You’d be surprised to see what it really takes to satisfy a women, lol!


“I’m FAMOUS, I’m HERE and if your rocking with me throw your hands in the air!!!”

VLOG #9 is the end of something amazing. Korea, I had a great time rocking with ya’ll. Until we meet again.

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(archaic) Listen to me; used to introduce a public announcement

In VLOG #8 ‘All Hail The Kid’. FAMOUS is in the M?&*$%@!N building!!!

When the shirt comes off, it’s about that time!

Stay tuned for more CENTER STAGE tour updates from PORTUGAL x CZECH REPUBLIC x ITALY x ENGLAND and more.