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Home for the holidays!

In week 17 of my highly anticipated Instagram Video Wrap Up updates, I plot the next move to make everybody in Kaohsiung FAMOUS by doing a little arts and crafts work. I make an attempt to bowl better than I rap. I eat snake? The Kaohsiung Boys take over Tainan for the weekend. Stretch break. And then it’s studio time to record something special for a great cause!

Stay tuned.


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All great things come to an end, and on December 14th we celebrated the end of an 8 month adventure around the globe, with a performance/special DJ set from yours truly, at Brickyard in Kaohsiung!

THE RETURN TOUR 2013. The End!!!



More picture after the jump…
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In week 16 of  The Adventures with FAMOUS, me and the crew head to Taipei for one wildass weekend.

First show was inside Taiwan’s hottest nightclub LUXY, for the RICH & FAMOUS party featuring myself, Money&Money Clothing & BOOM Events (Jon Jenkins & Fabio Grangeon). I can honestly say I’ve never seen so many gorgeous women in one place. Checkout the pictures and let your imagination tell the story.

Next, we check in to a 5 star hotel in the heart of Taipei (good look Cair & Paul) and just when I thought I would get some rest, we head back out to shoot a promo video for the Money&Money team (watch video). Two hours later its complimentary breakfast time. And what better way to end off a week full of shows then to perform on the same stage as 2 of Taiwan’s biggest acts, Go Chic & MATZKA!

The madness continues…


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IMG_4745 Here’s some photos from my party ‘RICH & FAMOUS‘ which took place inside Taiwan’s #1 club venue LUXY, featuring Money&Money Clothing and brought to you by the good fellas of BOOM Events! Great show. Great party. Great people! IMG_4743 IMG_3866 Click the jump for more pics…. Read More

In week 15, I prepare for the madness coming in week 16!

The homie Money from Money&Money Clothing sends me another package full of fresh gear for my show at LUXY, I let you guys witness the effects of too much Molly Cyrus, I touchdown in Taipei and get me a fresh cut for the weekend, get the blood pumping on the ball court before the big show and give you a glimpse of what to expect in week 16!


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We are less than 1 week away from my last show as part of THE RETURN TOUR 2013.

It goes down December 14th inside Brickyard, Kaohsiung.

Not only will I be performing, but I will be DJ’ing for the first time ever.

This is an event not to be missed.

Come say good bye to FAMOUS one last time. This Saturday!

In week 14 of my Instagram adventures, we explore the definition of #TURNTUP.

This phrase may be old news to those on the western side of the world, but round these ways I am slowly introducing it to an entire nation!

I had the honor of performing at this years MASAGO event (thanks Brian). For those who are not familiar, it’s the biggest Beach Party in the entire country of Taiwan! 4 stages, thousands of people, air balloons, horses, bikini’s, fireworks, the beach and last but not least FAMOUS on the mic!

PS: Smash Nation was heavy in attendance!

WARNING: What you are about to watch are non edited, real life clips. Nobody was harmed during these recordings! I think….


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Here’s an exclusive FAMOUS verse for Taiwan’s leading independent clothing company MONEY&MONEY.

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For Info & Product visit:

Directed by: Ashton ‘FAMOUS’ Bishop
Shot by: Jason ‘ProRes’ Hare
Edited by: iLLvibe Studios

LINE: thekidfamous

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ICRT Interview

For those who didn’t catch my interview on ICRT radio (Taiwan’s ONLY English speaking radio station), checkout the link below!

The Morning Show with Terry Icrt with special guest FAMOUS

We talk Kaohsiung vs. Taipei, Taiwanese Culture, Canadian Hip Hop, Taxi Drivers, Foreigners, BOOM Events go chic MATZKA樂團, Christine Ko MISS KO & 熱狗 MC HotDog Luxy [brickyard] Min Ling and much much more!