LISTEN: (Prod. by Thrizzo)

I want YOU to choose the 1st single off my debut album ‘CENTER STAGE’ available on iTunes May 6th.

Visit my Facebook Fan Page and ‘LIKE’ or ‘COMMENT’ on the image of your choice.

LISTEN: (Prod. by Thrizzo)

I want YOU to choose the 1st single off my debut album ‘CENTER STAGE’ available on iTunes May 6th.

Visit my Facebook Fan Page and ‘LIKE’ or ‘COMMENT’ on the image of your choice.

With just less than 2 weeks until the release, here’s the official tracklist for ‘CENTER STAGE‘ available May 6th.

From the intro ‘Center Stage’ right up until the outro ‘Piano Back’ each song will take you to a place. THAT place. Whatever was going on in my life at THAT time.

This is my story. This is our story. May 6th. Mark your calendar. It’s showtime baby!!!

FAMOUS – Center Stage (The Intro)

01 Center Stage (Prod. by Tone Mason)
02 Blinded By The Lights feat. Julian Wheeler (Prod. by Ritchie Soundsmith)
03 Robots Dancing feat. David Delisca (Prod. by Alessandro Vaccaro)
04 Ride This B!tch (Prod. by Lost Planets)
05 Mary Mary (Prod. by Jesse Fex)
06 Next Year (Prod. by Thrizzo)
07 Don’t Watch Me (Prod. by Thrizzo)
08 Vice Verses (Prod. by FindingSergio)
09 My Everyday (Prod. by DZL)
10 Mr. Simplistic feat. Madilyn Bailey (Prod. by FindingSergio)
11 Reservation feat. Francesca & Lisa Michelle (Prod. by FindingSergio)
12 Piano Back (Prod. by T-Minus)

Executive Producer: Ashton Bishop
Co-Producer: Duane Gibson & Trevor Humphrey
Mixed & Mastered by Sunny Diamonds (Diamond Factory Studios) & Tabernacle 321

Artwork by Bryan Brock (inspired by MJ’s Thriller & Ashton’s Life)

With just over 2 weeks until the release of ‘CENTER STAGE’, I’ve decided to decode the intro track, which is also titled Center Stage. It will set the tone on what’s to come & allow true fans to go back to the essence of enjoying great music because of the connection they felt rather then judge things based off big chains, well endowed video vixens, expensive rental cars, co-signs, huge budgets for non artistic visuals and muffy the mouse rhymes.

To create the scenario, imagine being an artist who has had his fair share of ups and downs in this industry and has finally reached his pinnacle, Center Stage.

There’s one mic, one artist on stage and thousands of people looking on as the Tone Mason production begins…

FAMOUS – Center Stage (Intro Track)

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

So what happens when that picture is a still shot from a recorded moment?

Here’s the official artwork for my debut album CENTER STAGE.

The moment was so real I had to make it come to life.

I was at the highest point of my career. The highest point of my life. And the highest point in my life.

The thousand words are spread throughout each song.

May 6th.


On January 1st, 2008 I sent out a Press Release with the words ‘I Rap Now’ along with a link to a video which will forever hold the title as being the most slept on Canadian record of all time (4th Biggest City)!!

Within that first year of my rap career (as a brand new Canadian artist) I was nominated for every single major music award, including a Much Music Video Award & the illustrious JUNO. My first major show was opening for Nas, to over 3,000 ppl at Koolhause. All this was after interning at Universal Music, SonyBMG & running the streets of Toronto while working at the ONLY urban station in all of Canada. Not to mention I was the hot topic for 2 weeks straight after rumours circulated that Jay-Z & LL Cool J hired me as a ghostwriter (google it). Imagine being woken up by a phone call from Noah ‘40’ while him and Drake are in the studio working on records with Dre, and being asked if your writing for JAY-Z??? Many would say it was the perfect time for me to release an album, but when you got less than 6 months of experience under your belt, maybe you want to wait a bit before releasing an album and hone your talent so you can have a longer lasting career. Maybe not.

Now I could take the next few minutes talking about the ridiculously amazing stories that have been created throughout all the adventures above, or break down to you why I turned down 2 lucrative publishing contracts and one major label contract with my mentor Mr. Combs, but I’d much rather tell you what I learned.

I learned that if you love something you better be willing to die for it! By any means.

The reality is, I’m a Canadian artist. I’m from Canada. And I learned that you can be we’ll connected, talented, driven, admirable & successful in the Canadian market and STILL not be recognized because of the urban foundation of the country. FACT. And let’s be honest, Canada is not a huge market for urban music as a whole. So what did you expect!

Luckily there’s an entire world to explore.

With the help of FACTOR, CIMA & Duane DO Gibson, I was able to quickly create an international fan base. And with each door that opened, my ‘WWDD: What Would Diddy Do’ tactics kicked in, and I would maximize every opportunity. This is the music BIZ right?!?!?

Fast forward to May 6th. On this day I will be releasing my first ever studio album. Worldwide. INDEPENDENT. By choice. Meaning I own it in its entirety. I wrote EVERYTHING on the album. I was at a point where I contemplated using my marketing genius to create an ignorant viral video that would land on WSHH and grant me enough exposure to get on the Ellen show but I chose not to. An old friend of mine who mentored me in this industry named Reza always told me “NOTHING ELSE MATTERS BUT THE MUSIC DUDE”.

They say your first album is always your greatest work because it tells the story of everything you went through to get there. I guess that’s why it’s called my Road To…. CENTER STAGE.

On May 6th, take the time and listen. And then tell me I’m not top 5 lyrically right now. Canadian or not.


Here’s a rare clip recorded a few years back, by the homies, inside the penthouse suite of the Venetian in LasVegas. It turns out to be not only the intro track to my album, but it’s titled Center Stage. And I quote “There’s Jay-Z, Kanye, Eminem, Drake and then me. Hands down”. I figure your favorite rappers make a career off talking about how great they are, why can’t I? lol

YouTube Link:


To the Fellas, Females, Friends, Foes & Family who have been following the FAMOUS project since the release of 4th Biggest City in Jan 2008 (I’m nice with the wordplay lol), it is with great honor I announce that my debut album CENTER STAGE will be available worldwide  May 6th, 2014.

CENTER STAGE: THE ALBUM comes after a 3 part EP series titled Road To Center Stage hosted by Hot 97’s @RealDJKaySlay and Atlanta’s own @DJDrama. The EP series features production from Grammy Award Winning @Boi1da (Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne) and @ToneMason (Drake, Jay-Z) as well as unreleased reference records for Taylor Swift, B.O.B & Akon. With 13 official videos (all independent) associated with this project generating over 1.5 MILLION YouTube views & 3 international world tours to add to the list of accomplishments, the buzz is finally gaining the recognition and the name is finally starting to make sense.

Make sure you check the blog portion of which was created to give y’all a behind the scenes update as I work towards the main stage.

More great news!

Over the next few months I will be on tour promoting the album and performing across the globe. Stay tuned in to for the tour schedule and all other updates.

For all bookings email

SATURDAY APRIL 12th, 2014 – DJ NEKBRACE & FAMOUS will be live inside TIN PAN ALLEY (Tainan).
Event page:


Event page:

FRIDAY MAY 2nd, 2014 – LIMITLESS: The FAMOUS Return (Toronto).
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It’s been a while since I’ve updated y’all with some madness!!! I’d love to apologize but busy is a good thing in my profession.

This past weekend I was in Kenting hosting a crazy ass 2 day event called FREE THE BEACH. I DJ and hosted to a crowd of nearly 5,000 people. On a beach. With ladies in bikini’s (now y’all understand why I haven’t been able to post).

Not only did I get to work with the hottest DJ’s in the country but I met some amazing people throughout the weekend.

Special thanks to the Brickyard Boys Graham and Ryan.

You can visit my Instagram page for all the video updates. But for now, here’s some dope ass pics captured by the talented Danny Chu (check out his fan page for the full 2 day gallery).



More pictures after jump.

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Here’s the Official Music Video for “Bad Things Feel Good”.

FAMOUS – Bad Things Feel Good
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