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After a stellar performance at ATT Showbox alongside MATZKA & Go Chic in Taiwan, I was invited as part of my CENTER STAGE tour to the biggest night in Asian music at this years 25th Annual Golden Melody Awards.

Here’s a short video featuring many popular Taiwanese artists I met, including, Dwagie大支, 黃乙玲 Huang Yee-ling, SIVA YUAN, IRIS LIU (Taiwan Television Enterprise Vice President), 陳建偉 Chen Jianwei, 麋先生 Mixer, 蔡依林 Jolin Tsai and more…

CENTER STAGE: The Album (Available on iTunes)

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Here’s some photos from the tour thus far. Add me on Instagram for instant updates.

So, it’s been a week since the release of my debut album ‘CENTER STAGE‘.

Thank you to everybody who’s gone out and supported. Whether it be purchased on iTunes, a blog post, mixshow rotation, a share, RT or Like, everything is much appreciated!

Here’s the B-side to the first single, titled “Don’t Watch Me’. DJPack links below:

FAMOUS – Don’t Watch Me (Prod. by Thrizzo)

Here’s the official single ‘Next Year’ (voted by y’all), off my debut ‘CENTER STAGE‘ available now on iTunes!

For the video, we go back!!! Wayyyyy back! Back to the first video I ever starred in at the age of 13.


DJs I got you! Below are the DJs download links (Dirty, Clean, Instrumental)

FAMOUS – Next Year (Prod. by Thrizzo)


Today is the day!

Take the time to enjoy. Tell me what you think.

FAMOUS – Center Stage (Full album download)

Full tracklist after jump

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LISTEN: (Prod. by Thrizzo)

I want YOU to choose the 1st single off my debut album ‘CENTER STAGE’ available on iTunes May 6th.

Visit my Facebook Fan Page and ‘LIKE’ or ‘COMMENT’ on the image of your choice.

LISTEN: (Prod. by Thrizzo)

I want YOU to choose the 1st single off my debut album ‘CENTER STAGE’ available on iTunes May 6th.

Visit my Facebook Fan Page and ‘LIKE’ or ‘COMMENT’ on the image of your choice.

With just less than 2 weeks until the release, here’s the official tracklist for ‘CENTER STAGE‘ available May 6th.

From the intro ‘Center Stage’ right up until the outro ‘Piano Back’ each song will take you to a place. THAT place. Whatever was going on in my life at THAT time.

This is my story. This is our story. May 6th. Mark your calendar. It’s showtime baby!!!

FAMOUS – Center Stage (The Intro)

01 Center Stage (Prod. by Tone Mason)
02 Blinded By The Lights feat. Julian Wheeler (Prod. by Ritchie Soundsmith)
03 Robots Dancing feat. David Delisca (Prod. by Alessandro Vaccaro)
04 Ride This B!tch (Prod. by Lost Planets)
05 Mary Mary (Prod. by Jesse Fex)
06 Next Year (Prod. by Thrizzo)
07 Don’t Watch Me (Prod. by Thrizzo)
08 Vice Verses (Prod. by FindingSergio)
09 My Everyday (Prod. by DZL)
10 Mr. Simplistic feat. Madilyn Bailey (Prod. by FindingSergio)
11 Reservation feat. Francesca & Lisa Michelle (Prod. by FindingSergio)
12 Piano Back (Prod. by T-Minus)

Executive Producer: Ashton Bishop
Co-Producer: Duane Gibson & Trevor Humphrey
Mixed & Mastered by Sunny Diamonds (Diamond Factory Studios) & Tabernacle 321

Artwork by Bryan Brock (inspired by MJ’s Thriller & Ashton’s Life)

With just over 2 weeks until the release of ‘CENTER STAGE’, I’ve decided to decode the intro track, which is also titled Center Stage. It will set the tone on what’s to come & allow true fans to go back to the essence of enjoying great music because of the connection they felt rather then judge things based off big chains, well endowed video vixens, expensive rental cars, co-signs, huge budgets for non artistic visuals and muffy the mouse rhymes.

To create the scenario, imagine being an artist who has had his fair share of ups and downs in this industry and has finally reached his pinnacle, Center Stage.

There’s one mic, one artist on stage and thousands of people looking on as the Tone Mason production begins…

FAMOUS – Center Stage (Intro Track)

For ‘CENTER STAGE’ decoded, go to more
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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

So what happens when that picture is a still shot from a recorded moment?

Here’s the official artwork for my debut album CENTER STAGE.

The moment was so real I had to make it come to life.

I was at the highest point of my career. The highest point of my life. And the highest point in my life.

The thousand words are spread throughout each song.

May 6th.