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06 Oct | Filed in News, Photos, Video | tags

Tonight is the big show out in Porto, Portugal. Hard Club. 11pm.

The last few days I’ve been enjoying the vibes out here. Europe’s top booking agent Rita G Bookings has made the whole crew feel at home.

We partied till 5am & then I passed out editing these pics. Hope you enjoy.

(click MORE to view photos)

Porto, Portugal

PS: Portuguese people can drank!

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euroFame checking in.

It’s 2:50am. I’m in this small ass room watching HipHopTV. Working on the release of Part 3. My bags are packed. Next stop is Porto, Portugal at Hard Club.

For those who have been following my journey via Twitter @thekidfamous here’s a summary of the Tour thus far!.



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Artwork by: Jason Jadoonanan @JSNJAY

Available on iTunes OCTOBER 8th, 2012 (Happy Thanksgiving Canada)

Famous - Road to Center Stage EP: Part 3

Famous – Yeah feat. Harvey Stripes (Produced by Ritchie Soundsmith)
Download Link:

DJ Packs:
Famous – Yeah feat. Harvey Stripes (DJ Pack .WAV).zip
Download Link:

Famous – Yeah feat. Harvey Stripes (DJ Pack MP3).zip
Download Link:

Recorded at The Hump Studio
Mixed by @SunnyDiamonds

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18 Sep | Filed in Photos | tags

Photos by: @Ishmil Waterman
Styled by: Dream Design


08 Sep | Filed in Music, Photos, Video | tags

Here’s the official video for ‘Window Crack’ directed by @TungzTwisted & shot in the desert of Las Vegas Nevada!

Famous — Window Crack (Prod. by Armanni Beatz)
Download Link:

Checkout some stills, click more!
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Sing with me “Happy Birthday to Fame, Happy Birthday to Fame, Happy Birthday dear Famous……, Happy Birthday to you!!!!!”

That’s right! It went down in a real major way inside The Guvernment Complex #Toronto as we celebrated my MUTHA@!&*%$ Birthday!

Moet White was the main sponsor, and they sure made sure I was properly refreshed throughout the night!

Thank you to every single person who came out to celebrate my birth! God Bless.

To see more pictures….click more!

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Famous – Window Crack (Prod. by Armanni Beatz)
Download Link:

Famous – Window Crack (DJPack .WAV).zip
Download Link:

Famous – Window Crack (DJPack MP3).zip
Download Link:

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Cut by: Rizzy
Shades by: Spectacle
Necklace by: LuxxxLife
Jacket by: F As In Frank
Styled by: Neelesh Mistry
Shot by: Ishmil Waterman

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On August 24th join me insideĀ  ‘The Guvernment Complex’ for #TRENDINGTOPIC, as we celebrate the birthday of yours truly…..the kid!

Tickets are going fast, so hit me up asap and i’ll make sure you get taken care of.

This is an event you don’t want to miss!