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It’s been almost 30 days since I’ve seen my bed.

If it wasn’t for all these pictures and video clips I’ve been taking, I would have no idea what just happened in my life. Real talk.

Download Road To Center Stage EP: Part 3 available now on iTunes.

For pictures visit

Here’s some new music fresh off tour. Mic Boogie and I got to work last night. We linked with a very well respected DJ from around the UK ways, Dirty Shwa native DJ Jim Sharp.

The studio was located in Brixton, which is basically London’s version of Eglinton W. The inspiration was in the air.

I got real Ignant.

#BrixtonBoogie #BricklaneFame – Mr. Big Shot (Prod. by Jim Sharp)
Download Link:

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Road To Center Stage EP: Part 3
Download Link:
iTunes (Support):

Famous - Road to Center Stage EP: Part 3

Until you’ve experienced it, you can’t really understand what it’s like being on a flight every 2 days on an avg., listening to different languages, staying in couped up 2 star hotels to million dollar pads. Driving in pintos and then chauffeured in Rolls Royce’s, eating Fried Chicken at the corner spot for 1 pound, 7 days straight. Drinking beer everyday because it’s cheaper then water. wearing whatever the Fk you feel and nobody judging you. Thousands amongst thousands of people chanting your name in a country where nobody thinks hip hop even exists. Being in a fans home the next day recording songs with a crew of dope italian kids who treat us like kings. Missed flights. Delays. Cancellations. Hangovers. Female Groupies. Male Groupies. Good Promoters. Bootleg Promoters. Chilling with Legends. Getting Personal with Legends. Friends.

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Tonight is the big show out in Porto, Portugal. Hard Club. 11pm.

The last few days I’ve been enjoying the vibes out here. Europe’s top booking agent Rita G Bookings has made the whole crew feel at home.

We partied till 5am & then I passed out editing these pics. Hope you enjoy.

(click MORE to view photos)

Porto, Portugal

PS: Portuguese people can drank!

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euroFame checking in.

It’s 2:50am. I’m in this small ass room watching HipHopTV. Working on the release of Part 3. My bags are packed. Next stop is Porto, Portugal at Hard Club.

For those who have been following my journey via Twitter @thekidfamous here’s a summary of the Tour thus far!.



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Artwork by: Jason Jadoonanan @JSNJAY

Available on iTunes OCTOBER 8th, 2012 (Happy Thanksgiving Canada)

Famous - Road to Center Stage EP: Part 3

Famous – Yeah feat. Harvey Stripes (Produced by Ritchie Soundsmith)
Download Link:

DJ Packs:
Famous – Yeah feat. Harvey Stripes (DJ Pack .WAV).zip
Download Link:

Famous – Yeah feat. Harvey Stripes (DJ Pack MP3).zip
Download Link:

Recorded at The Hump Studio
Mixed by @SunnyDiamonds

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Photos by: @Ishmil Waterman
Styled by: Dream Design


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Here’s the official video for ‘Window Crack’ directed by @TungzTwisted & shot in the desert of Las Vegas Nevada!

Famous — Window Crack (Prod. by Armanni Beatz)
Download Link:

Checkout some stills, click more!
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